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Luxury goods maker replica hermes said on Thursday that a strong euro said in a handbag maker replica hermes strong European Torgovnik yuan may hinder its record high profit ability in the first half of the year, because the recovery in demand.

replica hermes and replica hermes and rivals such as replica hermes and Kering are beginning to see Chinese, the growing demand of European tourism consumption increased, but the euro’s strong growth this year’s concerns, this may hurt the luxury goods industry recovery.replica hermes up to 931 million euro Birkin bags and scarves on the India business operating income rose 13% to a half a year record sales increased by 9.7%. Its operating profit reached a record high, a record high, reaching 34.3% of sales but CEO Axel Dumas (Axel Dumas) said that the performance may not be in the launch, the strength of the euro may affect next year’s profit.


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